Belle Salisbury is an Ordained Spiritualist Minister and has spent many years in the study of Spirituality and the psychic realm. She can see and communicate with angels, spirit guides and your departed loved ones, helping to bring those who seek her guidance the insight, healing, validation, and closure they are looking for.


Belle Salisbury offers psychic readings by appointment for those seeking guidance. Belle is able to obtain information that will help you along your life journey, assisting you in understanding your life lessons. During your session, family members may come forward allowing Belle to deliver messages from your departed loved ones.


Belle has a Doctorate in Metaphysics and enjoys teaching those who express an interest in expanding their knowledge. Belle Salisbury teaches others how to open to their inner guidance so they can be empowered to make a difference in their own lives. Many of her students have gone on to establish a Psychic business of their own.


Belle Salisbury often sits in silence with her guides receiving insight in the matter of world views and concerns, as well as what to expect for the year ahead. This blog will contain her writings of the guidance provided to her as well as her own musings of her life experience as a professional Psychic Medium. Belle will also share content of her upcoming book, We Never Left You.

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