About Belle

Hello! My name is Belle Salisbury and I am a Spiritualist Minister, Psychic Medium and spiritual counselor. In my abilities as a psychic I am able to see things that are going on around you at the present time, as well as past events, and the possible future outcome of your concerns around love, relationships, finances, career, or life path with a clarity that demonstrates my ability to bring you guidance. As a medium I am able to see and communicate with your Angels and Spirit Guides or departed loved ones, bringing you communications of guidance, healing, validation, and closure.

If you have an interest in past life events I am able to channel your previous life experiences and share with you how those events are affecting you today, guiding you toward healing, and embracing the lessons that can be useful for you today.

I have spent many years in the study of metaphysics and am always open to new opportunities to continue learning along my path of growth and discovery. I am a highly respected instructor bringing knowledge to you in a method which is easy to understand. I enjoy teaching all that I have learned to those who express an interest in expanding their knowledge. I prefer teaching others how to open to their own abilities for their guidance and direction realizing their own inner power to make a difference in their lives.

I have assisted in many murder and missing person cases giving valued information to bring about resolve to unanswered questions by seeing through the eyes of the victim often giving details of the event; description of the perpetrator/s, vehicles, and the location of the crime. I have also assisted in home investigations with the ability to see and communicate with spirit activity. Several of my home investigations have been included in the books “Still More Haunted Northern New York” and “Weird Northern New York” by Cheri Revai Farnsworth.

I have been doing readings professionally for 44 years and have been honored to give readings for several celebrities who have been amazed at the things I was able to discuss that were not available to the public.

I demonstrate truth and integrity in all of my work as a Psychic, Medium, Counselor, and Spiritual Teacher. I am sincerely devoted to my work with spirit. My intention is to help others along their journey through spiritual education and enlightenment. I offer classes and seminars throughout the United States and am available for lectures, demonstrations and group Message Circles for your business or club organization.

I am the owner and creator of Bellesprit Magazine, a free online magazine which brings knowledge and inspiration to those who seek spiritual guidance and education. You can read our magazine at www.bellesprit.com. Join our Facebook Fan Page at www.facebook.com/BellespritMagazine.

My mission is to provide guidance to those who desire to expand their understanding of not only their spiritual self but also to learn how to make your own connection trusting the intuition we all were born with. Sometimes we all need assistance in our lives and I’m glad to be of service when that need arises.

Believe in yourself and all things are possible.