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I had a reading from Belle a long time ago when she used to do the circles and I had never experienced anything like that. It really took me for a loop! What scared me the most was that she told me and pinpointed me out to a Tee. It was the most amazing thing ever, and I can’t thank Belle enough for that because she has really made me into a firm believer in Psychics. I will admit though that I still have my doubts, but she is more than real! I couldn’t believe how dead on she was with my mother and her death and the fire and all of it! ~ Chrystal

Belle Salisbury is an amazing psychic with the best sense of humor that brings perspective to life that is so helpful for people who are struggling and need help.  Her amazing gift to contact spirit and connect them to their families and friends who are suffering helps to resolve matters of the heart and gives peace to the friends and family left behind.  She gives fully of her time and respects everyone equally.  She cares deeply for everyone and never judges. I have complete faith in her not only as a gifted psychic, but, as a quality human being. ~Sharon Ellis

Dear Belle, I want to thank you for the reading yesterday. You were so dead on everything. I lost my husband 2 months ago and I miss him terribly and for him to of come through was wonderful. Everything you said were things that only he and I would know. What really did it was the chair. There is no way you could of known about the chair. the only way is if he would of told you and he did. I want to thank you. You have no idea what you did for me. I am ok now, I will never forget my love but to know he is with me and he is ok and happy I can now start to heal. Words cannot express my gratitude. You did for me what no one else has been able to do. You are the real deal and I will tell anyone that who doubts you. Thank  you so much, ~ Corinne

Hi Belle, I just wanted to thank you again for making the trip up here to do the Message Circle this year. We love hosting it and hope that we can continue to support the Message Circle in the years to come. I love to bear witness to the comfort, closure and hope that you bring to people. Thank you so much for all you do,  ~ A. Compo

Thank you for helping me make a connection with my dad. Your visit has helped to free the pain I’ve been carrying for 29 years. I feel so much lighter, like a great weight has been lifted. God Bless you Belle and if you hear anything else from my dad, please pass it along. Thank you so very much!! See you next year! – E. Holloway

Belle, I have to attest to the fact that you are truly an extraordinary psychic. From the personal readings I have received from you to the psychic development classes you have instructed me on, every bit of it has been an eye-opening and enlightening experience. I know who to use and trust for future readings and I will most certainly pass your name along to friends and family that are seeking a reading. Wishing you the very best, ~ S. Wren

Belle, Thank you again for sharing your kindness, wisdom & insight with others. Life is a journey for sure – one that is made easier by “forever friends” like you. God Bless & keep you, Hugs!! ~Nancy Cole

Belle is an amazing and gifted psychic. She blew us away with her reading of Celebrity Nia Peeples on our weekly radio show and gave such details on her loved ones that have crossed over and details about her life now. She was Dead on and no pun intended, and she will blow up soon in this industry because she cares genuinely to help people and delivers it in a very loving way! We highly recommend Belle to everyone, she is a rare gift! ~ Chinhee & Sunhee Park

You did a reading for me a couple months ago and you told me that I would be starting a new job in August…I just wanted to tell you, only enough, I am! I was kind of talked into it by a manager it is a sales position and I don’t know if I will want to do it or be able to do it well enough to make them happy but they gave me 90 days to try so I said why not! Anyways it’s always neat when things happen the way someone says so I thought you might want to know. ~Jessica

Hi Belle, Dede loved her reading/time with you today! Thank you for talking with her. Belle, you are the best. Dede was most impressed, I have to tell you, sweetie, as is everyone I refer to you!! Love, Darlene

Thank you so much for your help with Cardell when he was missing. Your description was almost perfect and aided in our finding him quickly. ~Nikki

It has been years since I have seen you! You look like your doing so very well for yourself! I remember when my cousin Misty and I would go to The Whispering Willow in Sandy Creek, NY. You were always so dead on and would offer such great advice. I actually still have a tape of one of your readings. I went looking for you because a friend and I had recently been talking about readings and I had said that you were the best and that I wouldn’t feel comfortable with anyone else. You are the only one that I would ever go to again and I am very sad to see that you live in NC. I’d love to speak to you soon and I am just thrilled that I found you!!! Love always, Roxanne

Dear Belle, Thank you so very much for your kindness, time and detailed information that you have given to me. You gave me very specific timelines in which positive things would happen for me in my career and you could not have been more precise! You have such a beautiful gift that you are using to help others. There is no other way to explain what you do other than to say it is simply a gift from God. May the Lord continue to bless you in all that you do. You are truly a tremendous person. I am so grateful that I have come in contact with you in my life! ~Barb

Dear Belle, a heartfelt thank you for my reading last night.  It was so unexpected and spontaneous that it took me awhile afterward to process all that you said.  (I am blind and my daughter had the show up on her computer and called me with the number to call).  I did, and I was “on”.  Didn’t expect to ever get through, but upon reflection, I know now that I was supposed to get through and speak to you on behalf of my brother Robert.  So grateful to know that he is at peace and with our Mom and that she is in such a joyful state.  The things you told me were spot on and we can all now feel the comfort of Robert’s love.  Again, I thank you so very much – he’s been gone 5 months and we all needed to hear this as he is so missed by us all.  We do remember the anniversary of his passing each month with postings on his page of pictures from his life’s journey with stories and fond memories.  His favorite saying (which he said each morning) was, “It’s a GOOD day!” – we have all come to say this ourselves each morning. Sincerely, Diane Shelto

Thanks for the reading today. I appreciated the comfort and insight. When I came home from work, Jerry saw on the front page of Houston Chronicle the pictures of the man and women that shot him. The women is being held for several charges and they are looking for the man. You were right, we may have some resolution very soon! Thanks again Belle! You’re a trusted adviser and I appreciate your friendship.  ~Melissa



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